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Pyle is a WikiClone written in Python. I wrote the original version in 1999 after exposure to Ward Cunningham’s original WikiWiki perl script. In the years since, it has sprouted support for a number of interesting features, and has been a major part of the intranets at eServGlobal and also at LShift, where it’s still in use.

Pyle is written entirely in Python, makes use of the Cheetah template language, and is released under the GNU General Public License.

Earlier versions of Pyle had extensive installation and configuration documentation, but for now, the best that’s available is the source code itself.


  • Versioned document and attachment store, backed by either a plain flat file system or by CVS, subversion, darcs, or mercurial

  • Interesting extensible markup language that plays nicely with emacs’ outline-mode

  • Support for attachments, backlinks, bugzilla links, enscript-based syntax highlighted source code, footnotes, graphviz dot diagrams, embedded HTML, page transclusion, message sequence diagrams, tables, etc.

  • Customisable user authentication (with support for authenticating against a bugzilla instance) and user/group-based access-control mechanism

  • Automatic “pagerank”-like hierarchy/table-of-contents/sitemap generation

  • Email notification when a page is changed

  • Modular templates make extensive customisation of the wiki’s appearance possible

  • Search

  • Edit-via-FTP


Pyle is hosted on github.

Old versions

A couple of very old, unmaintained, historical versions of Pyle1 are available: