Gyre is a very simple CMS/weblog, similar to Blosxom, that is written in Python and is released under the GNU General Public License.

Its goals are to be

  • small (it currently weighs in at 330 lines of core source code);
  • simple (trivial, RDF-like data model); and
  • flexible (plugins for preprocessing, rendering, and query-processing extensions).

The README for the current version has more information about installation, configuration and use of Gyre.


  • supports online operation
  • supports static HTML page generation (offline operation)
  • Python-language plugins
  • RDF-like stories, using YAML or RFC 822 headers for story metadata
  • configurable, pluggable, multiple story databases/sources (eg., file system, GNU arch changelogs, CouchDb, etc.)
  • HTML, RSS and TXT flavours out-of-the-box


Gyre is hosted on github.