Snarl: A Growl-like notification system for Squeak Smalltalk

This page is a mirrored copy of an article originally posted on the LShift blog; see the archive index here.

I’ve just released Snarl, a Growl-like notification system for Squeak. To use it,

Snarl label: 'Something happened'
      body: 'What could it have been?'

I’ve recorded a quick demo:

(It’s pretty blurry, so I’ve uploaded it to vimeo too, but it’s still in the queue for conversion; when it’s converted, it’ll be here.)

The code is three classes: one tiny convenience class, Snarl; one TextMorph subclass, which does almost all the work; and one helper TextAttribute subclass, for fading out coloured text along with the rest of each notification. In total, it’s 205 lines of text, including documentation.