Icing snapshot 20060721

This page is a mirrored copy of an article originally posted on the LShift blog; see the archive index here.

I’ve uploaded a snapshot of Icing, including its dependent xml.pipeline library. We internally use a piece of software called use.jar (David Ireland’s Component Manager) to manage dependencies on external components, but it’s not required for this interim release: you’ll need to have a Tomcat v4.1.30 installation available instead. Newer versions of Tomcat probably work, but are not guaranteed to.

Download icing-20060721.tar.gz [Note: The original file has dropped off the web; this was recovered from a friend's backup archive -- 2020-04-10 tonyg] and unpack it somewhere convenient. Installation instructions are in the README file in the icing/icing-20060721 directory.

Do note that this is a snapshot release, and as such is full of rough edges!

Our plans for Icing include splitting it into many small loosely-coupled components, each published individually. As it stands, it’s a little bit too tightly-coupled and framework-like for comfort. We also want to fold in several minor and some fairly substantial improvements that stem from the project work we’ve done since we first identified Icing as a potentially-reusable piece of software.